Political Attitudes in the Muslim World

July 2010

A new look at the World Values Survey data reveals how the Muslim world’s religious context affects individual Muslims’ attitudes toward democracy.

Do Muslims Vote Islamic?

April 2010

Those who warn against efforts to promote free elections in Muslim-majority countries often point to the threat posed by Islamic parties that stand ready to use democracy against itself. But what does the record really show regarding the ability of Islamic parties to win over Muslim voters?

Why Are There No Arab Democracies?

January 2010

Democracy has held its own or gained ground in just about every part of the world except for the Arab Middle East. Why has this crucial region remained such infertile soil for democracy?

Transitions to the Rule of Law

January 2010

While we have witnessed many transitions to multiparty systems, it has proven much harder for countries to attain a genuine rule of law. We need to know more about the origins of the rule of law in order to promote it successfully today.

India’s 2009 Elections: A Vote to Stay the Course

October 2009

Indian voters pulled off a surprise by allowing the Congress party to retain power at the head of a more coherent coalition that is far less dependent on a congeries of small regional parties.

Malaysia’s Electoral Upheaval

July 2009

In March 2008, Malaysian voters dealt the long-ruling National Front coalition an enormous shock—pushing that party closer to losing power than it has ever been in Malaysia’s entire history as an independent country.

Religion and Democracy

April 2009

The secularization hypothesis has failed, and failed spectacularly. We must find a new paradigm to help us understand the complexities of the relationship between religion and democracy.

Can Cuba Change? Ferment in Civil Society

January 2009

The opposition within Cuba has become more diverse as well as more unified, and the regime, despite its enduring capacity for repression, is showing signs of underlying weakness.

Pakistan After Musharraf: The Burden of History

October 2008

Since its founding out of the partition of British India in 1947, Pakistan has labored in the shadow of critical choices made at that time.