Illiberal Democracy and the Struggle on the Right

January 2019

At present, the key struggle for the future of liberal democracy appears as if it will be unfolding among parties and thinkers on the right.

Explaining Eastern Europe: The Crisis of Liberalism

July 2018

Thirty years ago in Central and Eastern Europe, belief in an open society and a sense of reasserted national and indeed European identity seemed to go hand-in-hand. But that was then.

Explaining Eastern Europe: Imitation and Its Discontents

July 2018

For countries emerging from communism, the post-1989 imperative to “be like the West” has generated discontent and even a “return of the repressed,” as the region feels old nationalist stirrings and new demographic pressures.

The Undemocratic Dilemma

April 2018

The ability of liberal democracies around the world to translate popular views into public policy has been declining. Yet there is no easy way to overcome this trend without weakening the capacity of governments to solve some of the most pressing challenges of the coming decades.

The Pipe Dream of Undemocratic Liberalism

July 2017

A look at liberal democracy’s complex historical evolution shows that elite fantasies of liberalism without democracy are ill-founded. Authoritarian legacies and democratic deficits lie at the core of trends that threaten liberal rights.

The 2016 U.S. Election: The Populist Moment

April 2017

Rising populism in the U.S. and beyond is calling into question the liberal-democratic bargain that has defined the postwar era. What led to Americans’ present revolt against elites, and what are its implications?

Two Traditions of Liberalism

January 2017

A review of The Anglo-American Tradition of Liberty: A View from Europe by João Carlos Espada.

The Specter Haunting Europe: The Unraveling of the Post-1989 Order

October 2016

What some had thought would be the “end of history” has instead turned out to be the “new world disorder.” Democratic liberalism may have no new ideological rival, but older identities are powerfully reasserting themselves.

The Struggle for Subnational Democracy

March 2016
Ten of the world’s twelve largest countries are “electoral democracies.” Yet a look at politics beneath the national level reveals patterns of illiberalism that mark out a new frontier for democratic research and activism.

What’s Wrong with East-Central Europe? Liberalism’s Failure to Deliver

January 2016

Is democracy in East-Central Europe suffering because of a lack of liberal zeal among elites, as Dawson and Hanley contend, or is it because
liberal policies have failed to deliver on their promises?