Yascha Mounk

Yascha Mounk is a lecturer on government at Harvard University and a senior fellow in the Political Reform program at New America. His book The People vs. Democracy: Why Our Freedom is in Danger and How to Save It was released by Harvard University Press in March 2018. He is also the author of The Age of Responsibility: Luck, Choice, and the Welfare State (2017).

Articles by Yascha Mounk:


April 2018, Volume 29, Issue 2

The Undemocratic Dilemma

The ability of liberal democracies around the world to translate popular views into public policy has been declining. Yet there is no easy way to overcome this trend without weakening the capacity of governments to solve some of the most pressing challenges of the coming decades.


January 2017, Volume 28, Issue 1

The Signs of Deconsolidation

Political scientists have long assumed that “democratic consolidation” is a one-way street, but survey evidence of declining support for democracy from across the established democracies suggests that deconsolidation is a genuine danger.