Fighting Terrorism: The Democracy Advantage

January 2018

Despite worries that terror groups can turn open societies’ very openness against them, the numbers reveal that liberal democracies enjoy significant advantages in resisting the threat of terrorism. 

Tanzania: Shrinking Space and Opposition Protest

July 2017

Since Tanzania’s 2015 elections, rising repression and opposition protest have displaced an older dynamic of comparatively restrained and unchallenged dominance by the ruling party. 

The Freedom House Survey for 2016: The Dual Threat of Populists and Autocrats

April 2017

In 2016, established democracies figured prominently on the list of countries experiencing declines in freedom, while emboldened autocracies stepped up their repression at home and interference abroad. 

Two Traditions of Liberalism

January 2017

A review of The Anglo-American Tradition of Liberty: A View from Europe by João Carlos Espada.

Tunisia: Ennahda’s New Course

October 2016

Tunisia is a small country, but its influential Islamist party has taken a big step by separating its political wing from its religious activities.

Is Small Really Beautiful? The Microstate Mistake

July 2014

Tiny countries have come in for praise as miniature models of democracy, but closer examination tells a mainly more somber tale.

Defunding Dissent: Restrictions on Aid to NGOs

April 2013

A number of countries including Russia and post-Mubarak Egypt are taking aggressive steps to limit or stop foreign funds from flowing to domestic NGOs that promote human rights and democracy. What is driving this trend, how far will it go, and what can be done to counter it?

Regime Types and Democratic Sequencing

January 2013

How should we define the stages of democracy and their sequencing? Although some scholars argue that the rule of law should come first, today it should be viewed as the final piece of the liberal-democratic puzzle.