January 2005

Volume 16, Issue 1

Building Democracy After Conflict

Building Democracy After Conflict: ‘Stateness’ First

World events-recent, current, and almost certainly to come-drive home the truth that before there can be a democratic state, there must first be a functioning state, period. Creating workable states where they have been destroyed or have barely existed yields to none among the challenges of our time.

The Referendum in Venezuela

Hong Kong’s Democrats Stumble

The democratic forces had an uphill climb going into the September 2004 legislative elections, but they made unforced errors as well. What were these, and how can the democrats do better next time?

Election Watch

A review of recent elections in Afghanistan, Botswana, Czech Republic, Ghana, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Romania, Slovenia, Taiwan, Tunisia, Ukraine, and Uruguay.

Documents on Democracy

An excerpt from a declaration issued by the International Committee for Democracy in Cuba, after its meeting in Prague on September 17-19. An open letter issued by leading European and North American democrats to the heads of state and government of the EU and NATO decrying Russian president Vladimir Putin's series of "reforms" aimed at…

News and Notes

Inauguration of Seymour Martin Lipset Lecture Series; New Democracy Index; Europe: A Beautiful Idea?; Carnegie Opens Office In China; Stanford Conference; Wilson Center Transitions Conference; Report on NED’s International Forum.