Country: Ghana

October 2013, Volume 24, Issue 4

Documents on Democracy

Excerpts from Russian anticorruption crusader and recent Moscow mayoral candidate Alexei Navalny's September 9 speech on Bolotnaya Square. Portions of presidential contender Nana Akufo-Addo's August 29 statement conceding Ghana's disputed 2012 presidential election to John Dramani Mahama, as well as excerpts from Mahama's televised address that same night.  Remarks by jailed Chinese human-rights activist Xu Zhiyong

October 2010, Volume 21, Issue 4

African Elections as Vehicles for Change

Since the return of multipartism in sub-Saharan Africa, open-seat elections have been the most likely to yield opposition victories, suggesting that term limits may significantly contribute to democratic consolidation.

April 2009, Volume 20, Issue 2

Another Step Forward for Ghana

Ghana held its fourth successful elections in late 2008 and subsequently witnessed the peaceful handover of power from ruling party to opposition. The country’s leaders must now reform its institutions of governance.

April 2001, Volume 12, Issue 2

A Peaceful Turnover in Ghana

With longtime ruler Jerry Rawlings obeying constitutional term limits, the opposition won a narrow electoral victory, bringing Ghana its first peaceful transfer of power since independence.