January 2016

Volume 27, Issue 1

On Democratic Backsliding

Old-fashioned military coups and blatant election-day fraud are becoming mercifully rarer these days, but other, subtler forms of democratic regression are a growing problem that demands more attention.

What's Wrong with East-Central Europe?

The Authoritarian Threat

The Authoritarian Threat: Weaknesses of Autocracy Promotion

While “autocracy promotion” presents a real danger, its influence so far has been limited. Because authoritarian regimes are concerned first with furthering their own interests, their interventions often have contradictory effects, sometimes even inadvertently fostering greater pluralism.

The Quest for Good Governance

Election Watch

Reports on elections in Argentina, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belize, Burkina Faso, Burma, Côte d’Ivoire, Croatia, Egypt, Guatemala, Guinea, Haiti, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, Seychelles, Tanzania, Turkey, and Venezuela.

Documents on Democracy

Excerpts of remarks given by Iranian historian Ladan Boroumand in Soeul on November 1 at the opening of the Eighth Assembly of the World Movement for Democracy. Excerpts from the December 7 speech given by Venezuelan opposition leader Jesús Torrealba, whose Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD) had won a surprising landslide victory in the previous day's…

News and Notes

Nobel Prizes; Eighth Assembly of the World Movement for Democracy; Democracy Award Ceremonies; Twelfth Annual Lipset Lecture; Honoring Human-Rights Defenders; International Forum