January 2008

Volume 19, Issue 1

Morocco's Elections


Turkey Divided

Events surrounding Turkey's 2007 elections reveal a country with a vibrantly democratic political sphere and a society badly split over the role of Islam in national life.

The Democracy Barometers (Part II)


Senegal: The Return of Personalism

Senegal's 2000 presidential election marked the end of forty years of one-party rule. But the reign of President Wade has been a severe disappointment, dashing hopes for democratic consolidation. *This is a corrected text of the print and original online version of this essay, portions of which drew heavily on Tarik Dahou and Vincent Foucher's

Election Watch

Reports on recent elections in Argentina, Croatia, Guatemala, Jordan, Kiribati, Madagascar, Nauru, Oman, Poland, Russia, Sierra Leone, Slovenia, Togo, Trinidad and Tobago, and Ukraine.

Documents on Democracy

Excerpt from a Washington Post op-ed written by U Gambira, a pseudonym for the leader of the All-Burma Monks Alliance, on the widespread Burmese protests spearheaded by Buddhist monks in the fall of 2007.   Excerpts from remarks by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, president of the Republic of Liberia, accepting the National Democratic Institute's W. Averell…