January 2023, Volume 34, Issue 1

What Indonesian Democracy Can Teach the World

  • Dan Slater
Indonesia is a leading example for fledgling democracies navigating tough transitions. But it is imperiled, and if it gives way, the loss for the democratic world will be enormous.

Putin’s Other Failed War

The Russian leader declared war on his country’s independent journalists. But Russian media outsmarted him by taking their operations overseas. They are now reaching more people than ever before. | Roman Badanin
January 2023, Volume 34, Issue 1

China’s Threat to Global Democracy

  • Michael Beckley
  • Hal Brands
The Chinese Communist Party is deadly serious about its authoritarian designs, and it is bent on promoting them. It is time for the world’s democracies to get serious, too.

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January 2023, Volume 34, Issue 1

Lula’s Second Act

Brazil’s charismatic former president is back, but there will be no honeymoon for the left. He won by a sliver, and his opponents on the right were empowered by the same election.

January 2023, Volume 34, Issue 1

Italy’s Hard Truths

The government of Giorgia Meloni, the country’s first female prime minister, is popular, scary, and competent. Her far-right party also enjoys greater democratic legitimacy than any other Italian party in a long time.

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The (Final) Rise of Anwar Ibrahim (December 2022)
The democratic icon’s path to prime minister has been tortuous and long. But is Malaysia’s pluralism slipping away precisely when Anwar is getting his shot to lead the nation?
By Sophie Lemière

Breaking Han Silence (December 2022)
China’s recent protests marked a crucial milestone: The mainstream Chinese public, at home and abroad, finally spoke up for the Uyghurs and their plight.
By Tenzin Dorjee

After a Wave of Protests, China’s Silent Crackdown (December 2022)
Nationwide protests against Xi Jinping’s zero-covid policy caught the Chinese Communist Party off-guard. Expect the Party’s security apparatus to strike back with quiet precision.
By Sheena Chestnut Greitens

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