China in Xi’s “New Era”: A Play for Global Leadership

April 2018

It has long been hoped that China would be integrated into the liberal world order. That particular “China dream” has ended, however, as Beijing seeks to reshape the world order, with itself at the center.

Transition in China? More Likely Than You Think

October 2016

Evidence from social science and history suggests that China is entering a “transition zone” that will threaten its capacity to maintain both authoritarian rule and high levels of economic growth.

China and East Asian Democracy: Is CCP Rule Fragile or Resilient?

January 2012

Is “authoritarian resilience” in China a passing phenomenon, or is it something more durable?

How Will China Democratize?

July 2007

No one should underrate the will and skill that the ruling Chinese Communist Party will put into keeping its grip on power.

China's Changing of the Guard: Contradictory Trends and Confusing Signals

January 2003

Political renewal is contending with a process of political decay that has yet to reach an end.