Poverty, Inequality, and Democracy


This book addresses such broad issues as whether democracy promotes inequality, the socioeconomic factors that drive democratic failure, and the basic choices that societies must make as they decide how to deal with inequality.

Why National Identity Matters

October 2018

From enhancing physical security to encouraging mutual trust, an inclusive sense of national identity continues to be crucial to the flourishing of modern states.

Comment on Møller: The Importance of Equality

June 2015

It is fine to acknowledge the importance of law-based rule to the eventual rise of modern democracy, but we must not overlook the even greater contribution of the idea of equality.

Why Is Democracy Performing So Poorly?

January 2015

The failure to establish modern, well-governed states has been the Achilles heel of recent democratic transitions, as democratization without state modernization can actually lower the quality of governance.

Reconsidering the “Transition Paradigm”

January 2014

Four leading experts on democracy discuss the relevance of the “transition paradigm” in light of the “Arab Spring” and other developments in the world today.

Democracy and the Quality of the State

October 2013

What is the relationship between high-quality state administration and democracy? A look back at modern Greece and Italy, along with Germany and 
the United States, provides some insights.

China and East Asian Democracy: The Patterns of History

January 2012

The legitimacy and appeal of democracy in East Asia will depend on how democratic countries in the region stack up against China.

Poverty, Inequality, and Democracy: Dealing with Inequality

July 2011

Many new democracies have faltered due to high levels of inequality and a deep polarization between the rich and poor. What is the relationship between modern liberal democracy and socioeconomic inequality?

Transitions to the Rule of Law

January 2010

While we have witnessed many transitions to multiparty systems, it has proven much harder for countries to attain a genuine rule of law. We need to know more about the origins of the rule of law in order to promote it successfully today.

Poverty, Inequality, and Democracy: The Latin American Experience

October 2008

"The Latin American Experience” argues that democratic stability requires policies that limit the society’s degree of substantive economic and social inequality.