Documents on Democracy

Issue Date January 2004
Volume 15
Issue 1
Page Numbers 182-86
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  • Excerpts from a November 2003 interview with Iranian human rights activist Shirin Ebadi, winner of the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize.
  • Excerpts from a September 2003 speech by Hossein Khomeni, grandson of the founder and Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
  • Excerpts from a September 2003 statement issued by Václav Havel, Arpád Göncz, and Lech Walesa, former presidents of the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland, respectively, on the political situation in Cuba.
  • Excerpts from “In Defense of the Nation,” a petition prepared by Saudi Arabia’s reform movement and presented to King Fahad bin Abdul-Aziz, Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz, and the Minister of Defense Prince Sultan bin Abdul-Aziz, in September 2003.
  • Excerpts from a section of the Arab Human Development Report 2003 entitled “Knowledge and Government in the Arab World,” authored by Ghassan Twainy.