The Opening in Burma: The Need for a Political Pact

October 2012

The hardest work of the transition—negotiating political pacts—has not yet begun. Burma’s democrats must help to forge a system of mutual security that can allow democratization to proceed.

China and East Asian Democracy: The Coming Wave

January 2012

If there is going to be a great advance of democracy in this decade, it is most likely going to emanate from East Asia.

The Impact of the Economic Crisis: Why Democracies Survive

January 2011

As an analysis of recent electoral results shows, the world’s emerging democracies are weathering the global economic crisis surprisingly well. Yet they remain under an even sharper threat from their own failures to deliver good governance.

Liberation Technology

July 2010

The Internet, mobile phones, and other forms of “liberation technology” enable citizens to express opinions, mobilize protests, and expand the horizons of freedom. Autocratic governments are also learning to master these technologies, however. Ultimately, the contest between democrats and autocrats will depend not just on technology, but on political organization and strategy.

Why Are There No Arab Democracies?

January 2010

Democracy has held its own or gained ground in just about every part of the world except for the Arab Middle East. Why has this crucial region remained such infertile soil for democracy?

Books in Review: Escaping the Development Impasse

October 2009

A review of Wars, Guns, and Votes: Democracy in Dangerous Places by Paul Collier.

Progress and Retreat in Africa: The Rule of Law versus the Big Man

April 2008

Africa is a battleground between formal democratic institutions and rule by the will of the "big man." Civil society groups are waging this struggle, and technology is equipping them with surprising new tools.

A Quarter-Century of Promoting Democracy

October 2007

On 7 June 2007, the National Endowment for Democracy commemorated the twenty-fifth anniversary of the "Westminster Address" with a panel discussion and reception in Madison Hall at the Library of Congress.

Electoral Systems Today: Iraq's Year of Voting Dangerously

April 2006

Iraq’s three elections in 2005 highlighted the role—but also the limits—of electoral-system design in managing potentially polarizing divisions.