The Curse of the Ex-Presidents

Online Exclusive by Casey Cagley | Across Latin America, former leaders are keeping a chokehold on their countries’ politics. It’s time their successors break free.

Why Putin’s Days Are Numbered

The system that Russia’s autocrat built wasn’t designed to survive the pressures it is now facing. March 2022  By Vladimir Milov The world’s attention is focused on the immense suffering of the brave Ukrainian people, and rightly so—no words can describe the misery and damage that Vladimir Putin has inflicted upon Ukraine with his unprovoked…

Democracy’s Most Dangerous Assumptions

Online Exclusive by Daniel Fried | It is tempting to believe the horrors of the past will not haunt our future. Vladimir Putin is proving that we hold such beliefs at our peril. 

Will Putin Outlast the War?

Russia’s autocrat may be weakened, but his grip on power is greater than many people realize. April 2022  By Maria Snegovaya In recent weeks, Ukrainian forces have had a string of military victories, Russia has begun to pull back to eastern Ukraine, and Vladimir Putin appears increasingly isolated, with U.S. intelligence reporting that his advisors…