Democracy Aid at 25: Time to Choose

January 2015

From small beginnings, democracy aid has become a sizeable enterprise. Today it is beset by problems, however, as it must operate in a less friendly environment. Hard decisions will need to be made to maintain its relevance.

Democracy Support and Development Aid: The Elusive Synthesis

October 2010

The lines between the development-aid and democracy-aid communities have been blurring, in terms of both organizational boundaries and activities on the ground, but the convergence is far from complete.

Democracy Assistance: Political vs. Developmental?

January 2009

Democracy-aid providers are moving away from one-size-fits-all strategies and are adapting their programs to diverse political contexts. Two distinct overall approaches to assisting democracy have emerged in response.

A Quarter-Century of Promoting Democracy

October 2007

On 7 June 2007, the National Endowment for Democracy commemorated the twenty-fifth anniversary of the "Westminster Address" with a panel discussion and reception in Madison Hall at the Library of Congress.

Misunderstanding Gradualism

July 2007

Unlike pessimistic scholars and recalcitrant autocrats, most ordinary citizens are inclined to take the risks of choosing democracy when they can.

How Democracies Emerge: The "Sequencing" Fallacy

January 2007

Many critics of democracy promotion assert that the rule of law and a well-functioning state should be in place before a society democratizes, but this strategy of "sequencing" is based on a set of mistaken premises.

Debating the Transition Paradigm: A Reply to My Critics

July 2002

The author of “The End of the Transition Paradigm” responds to each of his critics in turn.

The End of the Transition Paradigm

January 2002

Must countries where authoritarian regimes have fallen therefore be "in transition" to democracy? Many democracy promoters seem to think so. Yet trends on the ground in country after country are raising doubts about whether it is true or useful to think of democracy's prospects in this way.