The State of India's Democracy


The essays in The State of India's Democracy focus on India's economy, society, and politics, providing illuminating insights into the past accomplishments—and continuing challenges—of Indian democracy.

India Under Modi: Threats to Pluralism

January 2019

In the world’s largest democracy, liberalism is in retreat, as evidenced by a pattern of assaults on minorities, press freedom, and the independence of key cultural and intellectual institutions.

Enrolling India

July 2018

A review of How India Became Democratic: Citizenship and the Making of the Universal Franchise by Ornit Shani.

India’s Watershed Vote: The Risks Ahead

October 2014

Will the Modi government focus on the economy, or will it seek to implement a transformational Hindu-nationalist agenda?

Shifting Tides in South Asia: India and Its Neighbors

April 2014

Home to about a quarter of the world’s people, South Asia presents a murky and not very encouraging picture when it comes to democracy.

Separated at Birth?

October 2013

A review of The Promise of Power: The Origins of Democracy in India and Autocracy in Pakistan by Maya Tudor.

Corruption in India: An Enduring Threat

January 2012

Social activist Anna Hazare’s hunger strike has helped to turn the world’s attention to India’s rampant corruption.

India’s 2009 Elections: A Vote to Stay the Course

October 2009

Indian voters pulled off a surprise by allowing the Congress party to retain power at the head of a more coherent coalition that is far less dependent on a congeries of small regional parties.

Pakistan After Musharraf: The Burden of History

October 2008

Since its founding out of the partition of British India in 1947, Pakistan has labored in the shadow of critical choices made at that time.