V-Dem: A New Way to Measure Democracy

July 2014

In order to mark democracy’s progress and to inform policy, we need to be able to measure democracy in sufficient detail. The V-Dem Project aims to deliver exactly such a tool.

Exchange: Confusing Categories, Shifting Targets

October 2013

Staffan Lindberg replies to Matthijs Bogaards’s critique, finding the latter’s methodology problematic and arguing that the evidence for association between repeated elections and democratization remains strong.

Democratization by Elections? A Mixed Record

July 2009

Evidence suggests that under some circumstances repeated elections, even if flawed, can lead to democratization.

The Surprising Significance of African Elections

January 2006

Data from Africa show that repeated elections, regardless of their relative freeness or fairness,appear to have a positive impact on the growth of civil liberties and democratic values.