The Danger of Deconsolidation: How Much Should We Worry?

July 2016

The evidence presented by Foa and Mounk is troubling, but it does not mean that democracy is now in long-term decline.

The Role of Ordinary People in Democratization

January 2008

In order for a country to move beyond mere electoral democracy, ordinary people must acquire resources and values that allow them to pressure elites. Human empowerment is essential for the development of "effective democracy."

Getting to Arab Democracy: What Do Iraqis Want?

January 2006

There is a widespread desire for democracy among the Iraqi public, but when it comes to the roles of religion, ethnicity, and gender equality in Iraq's new democracy, attitudes are more varied.

Women and Democracy: Cultural Obstacles to Equal Representation

July 2001

A country's level of female political representation cannot be explained solely in terms of socioeconomic factors and political institutions. The evidence shows that political culture also matters.