The Democracy Barometers (Part I): Learning to Support New Regimes in Europe

July 2007

After a decade and a half, how do citizens of postcommunist Europe now feel toward their new governing regimes?

How Muslims View Democracy: Evidence from Central Asia

October 2002

What do Muslims think about democracy? Although reliable evidence is hard to come by, survey data from Central Asia open a window on this matter of vital concern in the Muslim world and beyond.

How People View Democracy: A Diverging Europe

January 2001

Citizens of postcommunist countries not only want to be free to say what they think and to vote their conscience; they also want a government that obeys the rules it lays down and is not steeped in corruption.

Trouble in the Advanced Democracies? The End of Consensus in Austria and Switzerland

April 2000

With Austria's and Switzerland's leading political parties having "rigged the political marketplace" by forming Grand Coalitions, voters have turned to the radical right as the only available alternative.

Another Great Transformation

January 1999