The Quality of Democracy: A Skeptical Afterword

October 2004

Asking what makes a good democracy is a noble and sensible enterprise, but it will always point beyond the borders of empirical political science.

Making Sense of the EU: Competing Goals, Conflicting Perspectives

October 2003

Is the EU an international organization, an emerging federal state, something in between, or something altogether different? So far it has managed to survive and prosper depite all the disagreements about its true nature, but for how long can it continue to do so?

Globalization and Self-Government

July 2002

Until now, globalization and democratization have been mutually reinforcing, but in the future globalization may pose serious challenges for democracy.

Books in Review: Exploring Globalization

October 1999

Review of The Lexus and the Olive Tree,  by Thomas L. Friedman.

Why the "Journal of Democracy"

January 1990

The Journal of Democracy seeks to bridge some of these gaps. We hope that it will help to unify what is becoming a worldwide democratic movement. But like genuine democracy itself, the journal will be pluralistic. Its pages will be open to a wide variety of perspectives and shades of opinion, and it will seek to encourage lively debate among competing democratic viewpoints. The journal will also provide its readers with timely information, thoughtful analysis, and the latest scholarship on democracy. It will attempt not only to document and explain democratic developments in specific countries but also to advance understanding of the broader conditions and strategies for instituting, consolidating, and maintaining democratic government.