Consolidating the Third Wave Democracies


The global trend that Samuel P. Huntington has dubbed the "third wave" of democratization has seen more than 60 countries experience democratic transitions since 1974. While these countries have succeeded in bringing down authoritarian regimes and replacing them with freely elected governments, few of them can as yet be considered stable democracies.

The Global Resurgence of Democracy


"A useful compilation popularizing the work of an influential journal... The Journal of Democracy is an effective tribune for mainstream U.S. thinking on these issues."—Political Studies

Civil-Military Relations and Democracy


"Provides a wealth of information and some fresh thinking on the role of the military and civil-military relations in many parts of the world. The intellectual quality of most contributions is high and they are concise and well-written."—Dirk Berg-Schlosser, Commonwealth and Comparative Politics

Nationalism, Ethnic Conflict, and Democracy


"Presents thought-provoking notions of the ways in which we view both nationalism and democracy and provides some valuable ideas for working toward a more stable world."—Journal of International Affairs

Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy Revisited


"Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy Revisited is must reading for anyone who considers him- or herself a political economist, and it should also appeal to those probing the uncertainties of contemporary democratization."—Philippe C. Schmitter, Stanford University.

Illiberal Democracy and the Struggle on the Right

January 2019

At present, the key struggle for the future of liberal democracy appears as if it will be unfolding among parties and thinkers on the right.

Liberal Democracy’s Fading Allure

October 2017

Is liberal democracy the only suitable type of government for a strong, modern society? A quarter-century ago, the answer seemed to be a clear yes. But today the picture is much cloudier.

Is Democracy in Decline?

January 2015

As the Journal of Democracy celebrates its twenty-fifth anniversary, there are serious reasons to worry about the state of democracy.

Flirting with Disaster

October 2014
A review of The Confidence Trap: A History of Democracy in Crisis from World War I to the Present by David Runciman.

The End of the Transitions Era?

July 2014

Regime change will always be a feature of political life, but we are unlikely to see again transitions to democracy on the scale of the “third wave.”