Emerging Market Democracies: East Asia and Latin America


"Emerging Market Democracies provides useful insights into topics that connect market economies to various nations' politics, especially efforts at democratization, and compares and contrasts two important regions of the world in their quests for modernization."—John F. Copper, Asian Affairs

The Struggle for Subnational Democracy

March 2016
Ten of the world’s twelve largest countries are “electoral democracies.” Yet a look at politics beneath the national level reveals patterns of illiberalism that mark out a new frontier for democratic research and activism.

The Crash of '08

January 2010

The short-term political impact of the economic crisis has been less dramatic than initially expected, but it may have lasting effects on the “quality” of democracy, including the legitimacy of prevailing financial institutions.

The Challenge of Closely Fought Elections

April 2007

Closely fought elections are often fraught with conflict, splitting societies asunder. How can democracy survive such rough and close contests?

Thinking Big

July 2002

A review of "Arguing Comparative Politics" by Alfred Stepan.

High Anxiety in the Andes: Bolivia and the Viability of Democracy

April 2001

One key source of the weakness of democracy in the Andean region is the isolation of the "political class" from the rest of society. There are growing signs that this problem is becoming more serious in Bolivia.

Comparing East Asia and Latin America: Stirrings of Mutual Recognition

October 2000

Global trends toward economic and political liberalization are presenting East Asian and Latin American democracies with increasingly convergent international opportunities and constraints.

The Drama of Democratization

October 1999

Geography and Democratic Destiny

January 1999