The Freedom House Survey for 2016: The Dual Threat of Populists and Autocrats

April 2017

In 2016, established democracies figured prominently on the list of countries experiencing declines in freedom, while emboldened autocracies stepped up their repression at home and interference abroad. 

The Freedom House Survey for 2015: Anxious Dictators, Wavering Democrats

April 2016

In 2015, the tenth consecutive year of decline in global freedom, the world was battered by overlapping crises, spurring harsh authoritarian crackdowns and revealing the leading democracies’ lack of conviction.

The Freedom House Survey for 2014: A Return to the Iron Fist

April 2015

In a year marked by escalating terrorism, the use of more brutal repression by authoritarian regimes, and Russia’s annexation of a neighboring country’s territory, the state of freedom worsened significantly in nearly every part of the world.

The Freedom House Survey for 2013: The Democratic Leadership Gap

April 2014

Civil-liberties scores have notably declined over the past several years, while political-rights scores have slightly improved—perhaps because modern authoritarians have begun to adopt subtler means of repression. Overall, however, freedom experienced a global decline for the eighth straight year in 2013.

The Freedom House Survey for 2012: Breakthroughs in the Balance

April 2013

Although declines in freedom outnumbered gains yet again in 2012, the year was not without some significant progress, most notably in the case of Libya.

The Freedom House Survey for 2011: The Year of the Arab Uprisings

April 2012

Although in 2011 declines in freedom exceeded gains for the sixth straight year, the uprisings in the Arab world represent the most significant challenge to authoritarian rule since the collapse of Soviet communism.

The Freedom House Survey for 2010: Democracy Under Duress

April 2011

The past decade began at a high point for freedom but ended with freedom in peril. Yet the setbacks of the last five years do not outweigh the democratic gains of the last forty.

The Freedom House Survey for 2009: The Erosion Accelerates

April 2010

Although the overall state of freedom in the world has clearly improved over the last two decades, more recent trends are worrisome. In 2009, declines in freedom outnumbered gains for the fourth consecutive year.

The 2008 Freedom House Survey: A Third Year of Decline

April 2009

Although 2008 was marked by democratic setbacks as well as authoritarian “pushback” against reformers, democracy remains the only system of government that commands global respect.

The 2007 Freedom House Survey: Is the Tide Turning?

April 2008

Authoritarian pushback continued to affect key regions and countries in 2007, but the courage, energy, and creativity that democrats continued to show gives reason to think that their cause has brighter days ahead.