Will China Democratize?


Although China has achieved extraordinary economic success without the CCP regime loosening its authoritarian grip, can the country continue its growth without political reform?

The Puzzle of the Chinese Middle Class

April 2016

Seymour Martin Lipset argued that economic development would enlarge the middle class, and that the middle class would support democracy. To what extent will this general proposition prove true of China?

China’s Challenge

January 2015

As China’s power grows, will it seek to remake the world in its authoritarian image? For now, China shows no such missionary impulse, but the ways in which it pursues its interests can still threaten the fate of democracy.

China at the Tipping Point? Foreseeing the Unforeseeable

January 2013

The resilience of the Chinese authoritarian regime is approaching its limits. A breakthrough moment could be triggered by several kinds of events.

China's Changing of the Guard: Authoritarian Resilience

January 2003

Successful institutionalization will help the regime survive the pressures of advanced modernization and integration with the global economy.