Tunisia: Ennahda’s New Course

October 2016

Tunisia is a small country, but its influential Islamist party has taken a big step by separating its political wing from its religious activities.

The Languages of the Arab Revolutions

April 2012

The upheavals that have been shaking the Arab-Muslim world are revolutions in discourse as well as in the streets. Arabs are using not only traditional and religious vocabularies, but also a new set of expressions that are modern and represent popular aspirations.

Books in Review: Misreading Muslim History

January 2009

A review of The West and Islam: Religion and Political Thought in World History by Antony Black

Morocco's Elections: Questions for the Future

January 2008

The most important aspects of Morocco's September 2007 parliamentary election may have been things that did not happen: The Islamists did not win, and many citizens either did not vote or spoiled their ballots.

Muslims and Democracy

July 1999