The Populist Challenge to Liberal Democracy

April 2018

Across the West, economic, demographic, and cultural shifts have spurred the rise of populists who embrace majoritarianism and popular sovereignty while showing little commitment to constitutionalism and individual liberty. 


Eroding Norms and Democratic Deconsolidation

October 2017

“Democratic deconsolidation” on the level of attitudes and beliefs is real, and behind it lies a disturbing rise in tolerance for antisocial behavior, especially among the young. 

PDF icon Eroding Norms and Democratic Deconsolidation

The Real Lessons of the Interwar Years

July 2017

Analogies with interwar Europe are often misdirected. In the 1920s and 1930s, regime breakdowns occurred in struggling new democracies, but established democratic systems exhibited remarkable endurance. 

PDF icon The Real Lessons of the Interwar Years

The 2016 U.S. Election: The Populist Moment

April 2017

Rising populism in the U.S. and beyond is calling into question the liberal-democratic bargain that has defined the postwar era. What led to Americans’ present revolt against elites, and what are its implications?

PDF icon The Populist Moment