Review Essay: Why Tunisia?

October 2018

A review of Tunisia: An Arab Anomaly by Safwan M. Masri.


Islam and Democracy in Tunisia

July 2018

The president of Tunisia’s Ennahdha party, Rached Ghannouchi, argues that the solution to extremism is more (not less) freedom and democracy, along with more moderate religious teachings.


Iran’s Exclusionary Republic

April 2018

A review of Democracy in Iran: Why It Failed and How It Might Succeed by Misagh Parsa.


Dashed Hopes and Extremism in Tunisia

January 2018

Tunisia is now one of the Arab world’s most democratic countries, but it has also been producing worrisome numbers of recruits for groups such as ISIS. How can this paradox be explained? 


Iran’s 2017 Election: The Opposition Inches Forward

October 2017

Despite all its flaws, Iran’s May 2017 presidential balloting amounted to another small but genuine advance for the cause of democracy.