A New Militarism in Latin America

October 2015

Latin American countries are burdened with domestic security problems and institutional weaknesses that have led to a rising political role for the military forces. Are there serious dangers in this “turn toward the barracks”?


The Authoritarian Resurgence: Autocratic Legalism in Venezuela

April 2015

Why do some hybrid regimes remain stable over time, while others become more authoritarian? Venezuela’s autocratic turn has been driven by the ruling party’s declining electoral fortunes and by a foreign policy that has shielded it from international scrutiny.

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Cross-Currents in Latin America

January 2015

A survey of the region yields a patchwork result, with democratic governance faring well in some countries, at a standstill in others, and in the most worrisome cases actively eroding.


Manipulating Term Limits in Latin America

October 2014

More and more Latin American countries have sought to relax or even eliminate presidential term limits. What are the consequences for democracy?


El Salvador’s Beleaguered Democracy

July 2014

In February 2014, Salvadorans narrowly elected as president a former FMLN guerrilla commander, but he will have to deal with a dire economy and horrific levels of crime.